Saturday, 26 January 2008

When the ol' lady died, she left 'em rich.

Heck of a week, hence update so late that it's early. I've got a lot to do in the next few weeks, the most pressing is to finish my dissertation, and not in a way which involves me writing 'pony pony pony' seven thousand times.

Working on models, made out of various things found in junk and charity shops, at home, and in the Sad Patch, the skeevy bit of ground behind our uni building where everyone dumps stuff. This time round the Sad Patch yielded some bits of circuitboard, rusted metal, and a headless toy pig.

Firstly Newton, who is gloriously posable due to having arms made from bits of umbrella.

Then there's little Clay, who is eternally over-cautious and wears a boxing helment at all times, he also has no legs yet.

Next step is to finish and photograph them. Bonus - while looking for junk I came across a Mr. Black/Blik (depending on whether Doug Tenapel's brilliant comic Gear or his later light-hearted cartoon show CatScratch is your poison of choice) McDonalds action figure. It's wonderfully sculpted, which is unusual enough for something from Mickey D's.

Expect perhaps a longer update for next week, when I will hopefully have finished my dissertation and collected my brain from the box I put it into when I realised that I only had three weeks left to write the bloody thing.

Looking forward to Sweeney Todd.

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